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13-Year-Old Boy Allegedly Kills Friend While Playing With Gun

An unidentified 13-year-old boy accidentally killed Ciqala Miller, 14, while the two teens were pointing hunting rifles at each other inside a home on the Skokomish Indian Reservation in Mason County, Washington.

The teens had gone fishing and returned to Ciqala's house on Tuesday evening when the gun went off.

“[He] admitted pointing the rifle at Miller and pulling the trigger, again believing that the rifle was unloaded and that the safety was on, and fired a single shot which appeared to have struck Miller in the chest,” stated the police report.

"The [13-year-old] boy come running out and was asking us to call 911 and was really panicky," neighbor Annette Smith told KOMO News (video below).

Smith found Ciqala in his home on the floor in a hallway, but couldn't save him.

"There was no way," added Smith. "There's accidents that do happen, and this one here was a really bad accident. I really feel bad for both families."

"There are different firearms rules as far as has a child had a hunter-safety class, have they hunted, that type of thing," said Mason County chief criminal deputy Ryan Spurling. "Handguns are different than long guns in some of those respects."

According to Q 13 Fox, a Mason County judge "found probable cause for a first-degree manslaughter charge against the 13-year-old boy."

The boy was placed on suicide watch in a juvenile detention facility, but was allowed to go home under house arrest because he was overcome with sadness.

Sources: KOMO News and Q 13 Fox


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