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Boy, 10, Jumps From School Window, Classmates Witness Death

A fifth grade student at Grant Elementary School in Dumont, New Jersey, reportedly jumped to his death from a second-story window today.

The 10-year-old boy, who has not been identified, was taken to a local hospital in critical condition and died.

The boy got into an argument with a classmate while playing chess this morning. Later, he passed the classmate a note, opened the window and jumped, a law enforcement source told NBC New York.

The apparent suicide was witnessed by other children.

"We provided them with some assistance, and we're going to continue to provide them with assistance through the weekend and on Monday," school superintendent Emmanuel Triggiano said.

It is a 25-foot drop from the window to concrete below.

A witness, Elmer Pascia, was shoveling snow when he saw the boy on the concrete. Pascia told that the boy appeared to be moving and several people ran over to him.

One parent blamed the school for the boy's actions.

“I was scared and just freaked out,” parent Corey Schlosser told “I don’t know how something like this could happen, especially at a school. They’re supposed to be protecting our children.”

Sources: NBC New York,
Image Credit: Jason Rogers


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