Bowling Alley Removes Controversial Anti-Gay Message From Sign


A bowling alley in Oregon removed a sign from the sign outside of their establishment following backlash about its anti-gay message.

"Judges making decisions contrary to the word of God will they themselves be judged," the message on Keizer, Oregon, bowling alley Town and Country Lanes' reader board read.

"It's obvious what he was talking about. He was not pleased that gay marriage is legalized and he's welcome to that opinion, but don't go posting it for families to see, driving by your business," a concerned Keizer resident said.

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Town and Country owner Don Lebold confirmed that the message was, as many suspected, posted in relation to the Supreme Court's decision on June 26th that legalized gay marriage nationwide.

"My statement may be stronger than I should have put, but I'm not a sugar-coater," Lebold said. "I truly am not trying to offend anyone. I'm just so concerned where our nation is headed and the ungodly decisions that are being made and our nation is just going down hill and we're going to be judged for it. If we don't start turning back to God, we're going to be in deep trouble."

Lebold ultimately removed the message and replaced it with a welcoming one, though the damage had already been done.

"I felt like that had been a place I frequented with my family and felt a little betrayed," Adam Brown, whose mother is a lesbian, said.

"I'm appalled that they would put a sign up that's that judgmental, but also that they would then have a lesbian couple pull their float," resident Kathy Spear, who was a supporter of the alley, along with her wife, before the controversial sign.

"These people coming out now declaring how we're all sinners and all going to die — that aspect is stupid and hypocritical because God is supposed to be the judge, not them. If they disagree with gay marriage then by all means, they should not marry someone who is gay. I will never again do business at Town & Country Lanes."

Sources: Statesman Journal, Komo News / Photo credit: statesmanjournal.com


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