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Idaho Twin Sisters Accuse Bergdahl’s Father Of Stalking Them

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s father was accused of allegedly stalking two twin sisters, and his alleged behavior included some strange things like watching them while they were showering and called one a “two-timing bitch” even though they never dated.

According to police reports obtained by the Daily Mail, Robert “Bob” Bergdahl began harassing 31-year-old twin sisters Allie and Lacey Hillman in June 2011, two years after his son was taken hostage by the Taliban.

The sisters were quoted as telling police they were “very scared” of Bergdahl’s “disturbing behavior.”

The twins told police that Bergdahl, who worked for UPS at the time, always drove by their Hailey, Idaho, home even though he wasn’t delivering any packages and left creepy notes for them, the Daily Mail reported.

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In one incident, Bergdahl allegedly waited in his UPS truck outside the sisters’ home until Allie’s boyfriend left and accused the brunette of cheating on him.

“Allie had opened the door when Robert knocked and said [while laughing], ‘What are you, two-timing me bitch?’” the police report said.

The report said that the two had never “really talked” or been in any sort of relationship, according to the Daily Mail.

Bergdahl came to visit Allie at her job two days later and told a co-worker that he twins were never alone and that Lacey’s boyfriend was always around.

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In another incident, they reportedly caught Bergdahl peeping into their windows while Lacey was in the bathroom taking a shower. Police reportedly warned him to stay away from the sisters and he was never charged.

Meanwhile, Bowe Bergdahl returned to the US to continue medical treatment in San Antonio after spending five years in Taliban captivity.

In a statement, Bergdahl’s parents say they are overjoyed their son has returned to the United States, the Associated Press reported.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Associated Press

Photos Sources: Facebook via New York Post


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