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Bounty Hunter Reportedly Murdered And Dismembered The Bodies Of Two Teenagers

A bounty hunter from Indianapolis is accused of murdering two teenagers and attempting to destroy their remains.

Kevin Watkins of Watkins Bail Bonds is charged with two counts of murder for his alleged connection to the disappearances of Dionne Williams, 16, and Timmee Jackson, 15, on Christmas Eve.

The bounty hunter was arrested after Amber Partlow contacted police to report her son, Dionne Williams, and his friend, Timmee Jackson, hadn’t been seen since about 8 p.m. that evening, when he left the house to spend time with friends.  

Allegedly Watkins thought Dionne was involved in a previous burglary at his home, and his daughter contacted Dionne’s girlfriend to say he “has got another thing coming,” reported WXIN.

Partlow called police, who checked Watkins' home and its surroundings.

Police say two blood trails led from the house to the garage of a nearby vacant building. A bloody rake was found behind a trash can, and a bloody mass of duct tape was found inside, the police report states. Blood and brain matter were reportedly scattered in the yard. Inside an SUV, blood was found throughout the vehicle, as well as a garbage bag with bloody clothing, court documents state.

“The clothing was turned inside out as if it had been stripped off a victim,” reported an affidavit of probable cause.

 Pieces of bone and a fingertip were also found, as was a package for a SOG Tactical Tomahawk, reports WXIN.

Investigators conducted a thorough search of Watkins’ business. In a dumpster behind the establishment, police say they found bloody shoes, muddy jeans and a BB gun.

Surveillance video from outside of Watkins Bail Bonds shows Watkins’ vehicle driving toward the back of the building on Dec. 24. He hung a black garment over a fence, then removed it. Someone arrived in a white Ford Expedition, shook hands with someone, presumably Watkins, and brought something back to the vehicle. Investigators found blood on the Ford Expedition during a later search.  

The bodies of the teenagers have yet to be found, but the boys are presumed dead.

On Dec. 30, Watkins made his first court appearance. A not guilty plea was given on his behalf. Watkins’ pretrial hearing will be on Feb. 10, 2016.

After the Dec. 30 hearing, a fight broke out after which two people were taken away in handcuffs, reports WXIN.

Sources: WXIN (2) / Photo credit: WXIN

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