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Bounty Hunter Fires Taser at Wife of Man Wanted for Missing Court (Video)

A shirtless bounty hunter reportedly fired a Taser at the wife of Richard Allen-Bass, who was allegedly wanted for failing to pay fines and missing court dates stemming from a 2009 drunk driving case.

Now, police in Canton Township, Mich., are investigating the bounty hunter for possible assaulting the wife, Camille.

A video (below) shot by Allen-Bass' mother shows chaos erupting when the bounty hunter was at the family's mobile home on Sunday.

Camille claimed the bounty hunter and a second bounty hunter walked into their mobile home while her family was changing out of their church clothes.

“They walked straight in the door,” Camille told the Ann Arbor News. “They didn’t announce who were they were.”

Camille also said that the bounty hunters physically assaulted her husband, who didn't resist, in front of her kids.

"It was just too much for kids,” added Camille. “There was nothing but children in the house. [It was] not serious enough for them to walk into our house. He would have went willingly. It would have been no problem at all.”

After the bounty hunters placed Allen-Bass in the back of their SUV, Allen-Bass' mom started filming with her cell phone.

That's when Camille reportedly took some paperwork from the bounty hunter's pocket. The bounty hunter then chased Camille across the yard and up the stairs to the mobile home. Camille ripped off the bounty hunter's shirt and ran back down the stairs.

The bounty hunter chased her across the yard, appeared to fire his Taser at her and called her a "bitch."

“He pointed the Taser. It was aimed at my face. I hit it and ran,” claimed Camille.

Gene Butler of the You Walk Bail Bond Agency, which refers its bounty hunters as "fugitive recovery specialists," countered, "They were interfering with a lawful arrest and they were obstructing justice."

“There was no assault on her,” Butler told the Ann Arbor News. "He didn't have any physical contact with her. We see nothing in that incident that would preclude him from working for us."

However, people can still be charged with assault even if they attempt to assault someone, but fail. In this instance, Camille says the Taser shot missed her.

After all the drama, Allen-Bass was taken to jail, but released the next day on bond, reports the Detroit Free Press.

Sources: Detroit Free Press, Ann Arbor News (Image Credit: United States Military)


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