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Bouncer Allegedly Fired For Calling 911 For Assaulted Woman

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A former California bouncer was fired from his job after he called 911 to report a woman being assaulted.

The issues started when a barefoot young woman in her early twenties approached Joe Navarette on May 9. Her sweater was tattered and grass-stained.

Navarrete was working at Slick’s bar in Norco, California, as a bouncer the night when the girl came up to him.

She told him through labored breaths that she had been assaulted.

“She was trying to but she was just so hysterical … All I understood was that she fought off a rape, and right away, my first instinct was to call 911 for her,” Navarrete told ABC 7.

The bouncer then sat the young woman in a plastic chair and called emergency services.

Police later arrested James Allen Schneider, 21, of attempted rape, robbery, and assault with a deadly weapon in connection with the woman’s assault, according to the Norco Sheriff's Department.

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According to reports, Schneider stalked the woman and assaulted her. Though he threatened to rape her, he ended up taking her purse and cellphone. The girl fought against her attacker and ran to Slick’s bar.

After calling the police and seeing the young woman placed into the care of medical professionals, he discovered the owner of the bar, Simon Fangary, was upset with his actions. The owner claimed that the problems of the woman were not the bar’s issue.

“I was shocked,” Navarrete said. “I couldn’t believe that he was stating that to me.”

Over a week later, the owner called to inform him that he had been fired.

“Right away, I asked him why, because I called 911?” Navarrete said. “And then he started stating about it’s not our responsibilities to be calling 911. We have no responsibilities outside the door. That she should’ve called it herself.”

Fangary later released a statement regarding the issue saying, “Joe was not fired for calling 911 as he claims since he was instructed to do so by the head bouncer … Over the last 20 years numerous employees called 911 from Slick’s and no one was ever fired.”

Fangary would not state why Navarrete was fired, citing legal reasons, ABC 7 reports.

“There is no other reason,” Navarrete insists. “Obviously, I know he’s just doing what he has to do to feel to protect himself but honestly, he knows the truth that there is no other reason.”

Navarrete’s daughter Chelsea spoke to reporters, saying that even though he lost his job, she is still proud of her father.

“I have a little sister,” she said. “I don’t want that to happen to any girl. That’s just a bad situation, but he did the right thing by helping her.”

Source: ABC, PE

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