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Botched Restoration of 19th-Century Painting Becomes Tourist Attraction

In Bonja, Spain, a botched restoration of a 19th-century painting of Jesus wearing a crown of thorns has become a tourist attraction.

Hundreds of people are coming to see the "world's worst restoration" by elderly churchgoer Cecilia Gimenez, reports the NY Daily News.

The fresco, which is housed in the Sanctuary of Mercy Church, has been roped off and is protected by security guards.

The original painting was by Elias Garcia Martinez and was known as 'Ecce Homo' or 'Behold the Man,' but the terrible restoration by Gimene is being called 'Ecce Mono,' or 'Behold the Monkey.'

Tourists are leaving flowers at Gimenez's home and tens of thousands of have signed an online petition calling Gimenez's restoration an "endearing and loving act, a clever reflection of the political and social situation of our time."

However, the original painter's granddaughter Teresa Garcia told NBC News: ''Until now she just painted on the tunic, but the problem started when she painted the head as well, because she has destroyed this painting."

The Garcia family has donated money to restore the 120-year-old painting professionally, reports the NY Daily News.


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