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Boston Uber Driver Convicted Of Rape, Sentenced to 10 Years In Prison


A former Uber driver pleaded guilty to kidnapping and raping a Boston woman, before ultimately receiving a 10- to 12-year prison sentence.

According to reports, 47-year-old Alejandro Done was convicted of aggravated rape, kidnapping, and assault and battery following a December 2014 Uber ride with a woman. The woman requested a ride from Boston to her home in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

When the woman got in Done’s car, he informed her that she needed to pay him in cash. They stopped at an ATM before he drove her to a secluded location and sexually assaulted her.

Done reportedly hit the victim and attempted to strangle her during the attack, locking the car doors so she wouldn’t escape and covering her mouth so she would remain quiet. 

Done was subsequently linked to several other attacks on women in previous years, thanks to a DNA match. He was ultimately charged in connection to five different assaults. 

“The Massachusetts State Police crime lab then made certain that the known sample from Done matched the sample from the Cambridge victim,” Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley told Fox 25. “It was a direct link."

The four additional cases linked to Done took place in 2006, 2007 and 2010 — all in South Boston.

“We thank the police and prosecutors for their continued vigilance,” officials with Uber Boston said in a statement. “We are grateful that we were able to work closely with law enforcement to assist in their December 2014 investigation that has led to these additional charges.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Fox 25, WPTV / Photo credit:


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