Boston Red Sox Fans Riot After World Series Win (Video)


Thousands of Boston Red Sox fans overturned cars, smashed vehicle windows, climbed on lamp posts and rioted to celebrate their team's World Series 6-1 win last night over the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 6.

Two cars were flipped near Fenway Park by rioting Red Sox fans, noted (videos below). One of the cars reportedly had a driver still inside.

Police showed up in riot gear at the University of New Hampshire where about 3,000 students rioted. The cops fired pepper spray and pepper balls to break up those Red Sox Fans, according to

According to police reports, fireworks were lit by the crowd and bottles were thrown at police by some students.

There were reports of streakers, fires being set and a light pole being torn down by students at Plymouth State University.

At Keene State College, police described a crowd of "riotous" and "aggressive" students.

"The crowd of students became belligerent and destructive, attempting to damage property on the campus," added Keene Police Lt. Todd Lawrence.

At UMass Amherst, students overturned trash cans, threw bottles and tore down a large outdoor TV screen, which showed the game for students (video below).

Students were throwing anything not nailed down at state police officers, who were dressed in full riot gear. Officers used rubber pellets and tear gas to break up that riot, reports



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