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Boston Red Sox Attacked for Supporting Gay Pride by Anti-Gay Group 'MassResistance'

The Boston Red Sox are being pressured by the anti-gay group, MassResistance, to cancel “Pride Night at Fenway Park” because children will be at the game.

During an interview with OneNewsNow, owned by the anti-gay American Family Association, MassResistance’s president Brian Camenker told Red Sox fans to contact the team and tell them to cancel the pro-gay event tonight.

"Baseball is largely for kids, so why should homosexual activism be part of that?" Camenker said. "You know a lot of just regular fans don't want to be part of that kind of thing when they go out for a baseball game. I called [the Red Sox] up and they don't seem to see how this is going to bother people. They need to hear from people."

MassResistance also issued a statement that condemned the Red Sox organization for donating a percentage of the proceeds from Pride Night at Fenway Park to the pro-gay group, Boston Pride.

MassResistance stated:

The Red Sox have been around long enough to know that "Pride Week" in Boston is a hideous, obscene and outright disgusting display of perverse activities. (Plus, in recent years, more young people have been drawn in through Boston Pride's management of Massachusetts Youth Pride every May.)

And the Boston Red Sox organization are not only going to celebrate it at their ballpark, but will be financially supporting it from their ticket sales.

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