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Boston Policeman Rescues Chihuahua From Submerged Truck

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A Boston police officer risked his life on Saturday when he rescued a Chihuahua that was trapped in a submerged truck.

Local police received a call from retirement community South Meadow Village explaining that a 2004 Toyota Tacoma was under eight feet of water.  

Officer David Harriman responded to the call. When he discovered that Moochie, the Chihuahua, was underwater, he immediately removed his shoes and gun belt to save the dog.

“We were told a dog was still in it so I did what I felt I should do,” Harriman said, “go in and get the dog.”

Harriman reported that it was difficult to find the dog, but that he found Moochie unconscious after digging through some items in the back of the truck. When the two surfaced, Moochie regained consciousness.

Although Harriman had to return to work immediately, the dog lover returned an hour later to check on Moochie.

“We’d all do it,” Harriman said. “I know it’s something that’s important to us.”

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Sources: DailyMail, Boston Herald


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