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Boston Police Clash with Man Filming Arrest (Video)

A Boston plainclothes police officer recently had a confrontation with Jay Kelly, who was filming an arrest.

The video (below) begins with a man in a purple shirt approaching Kelly and saying, "Mind if I ask why you're taking pictures of undercover plainclothes police officers? You realize you're putting plainclothes police officers' safety at risk."

The man in the purple shirt identifies himself as "Sergeant Fabiano."

Fabiano and another police officer tell Kelly to back away from the scene, noted

Fabiano and Kelly have a verbal exchange, during which the officer apparently uses his rotund belly to push Kelly backwards.

“You touch me again and I will lock you up for assault and battery on a police officer," adds Fabiano.

Ironically, a shirtless jogger runs right past the police and gets very close to the arrest scene that Fabiano is trying to seal off from Kelly.

At times it did appear that Kelly was antagonizing Fabiano, who finally escorted him across the street.

Boston police have a controversial history with citizens filming them.

The City of Boston paid $170,000 in a civil rights settlement to Simon Glik in March, who was arrested by Boston police for recording an arrest with his cellphone, noted

Boston also paid $33,000 to Maury Paulino in June, who was arrested for recording police in public, reported



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