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Boston Marathon Victim Sydney Corcoran Named Prom Queen at School

A girl who was badly injured during the Boston Marathon bombings was nominated prom queen at her high school, and was fortunately able to attend the dance.

Sydney Corcoran, 18, had her femoral artery severed during the bombings. She was standing next to her mother waiting to watch her aunt at the marathon. Her mother had to have both of her legs amputated.

With the help of crutches and physical therapy, Corcoran was able to attend Lowell High School's prom with her boyfriend. 

"I keep feeling like I'm going to cry cause I'm just happy to be back," she said. "See now I'm going to start crying! It's just really good to see everyone."

Her legs had been shredded and severely damaged by the bomb but doctors were able to save both of them. She has been in the hospital for weeks receiving therapy.

At first, she didn't know if she would be able to attend.

"When I was in the hospital, I didn't think this was going to be possible and I got to the rehab and, because I was up and I was doing stuff, it felt more like I could do it. And it was a goal," she said. 

Her mother, a hairdresser, was determined to help her get ready for prom despite her injuries.

"She still wanted to hep out and she was determined to, so she made sure that she did my toes."

It was difficult for Corcoran to return to her mother's salon, as it is located in the city center and brought back many horrible memories.

"Each time I go in it's scary. The first time, the entire car ride - I just had like flashbacks," she said. 

But with the support of people from around the world, she has faith she will recover from the ordeal.

"It means so much to me, and it's not just in the United States, there's people all over the world that have reached out to me," she said. "See? I'm going to start crying. It's so touching to me."

"There's some tough days and yesterday I had kind of a down day, but you just get through those days and you just power on, and the next day is another day, and it is prom day. So you can't be sad on prom day."

Sources: Daily Mail, Fox


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