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'He Was Protecting His 6-Year-Old': Fire Captain Brutally Attacks Boys Who Taunted His Son

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Boston fireman Captain Carl Holmberg was trick-or-treating with his wife and 6-year-old son on Halloween, when a group of teenagers allegedly threw candy at the young boy. Holmberg responded by attacking them.

“About eight or 10 kids came and started throwing things at him, and then they left and came back with more,” Mrs. Holmberg told reporters through her letterbox. “Then they stood there and taunted us and told him they were going to [mess] him up.”

Mrs. Holmberg added that one of the teenagers had a fake machete that looked real.

Mrs. Holmberg noted that her son is horrified and refuses to come home, though she didn’t specify where he’s currently located. Mrs. Holmberg also argued that her husband would “do anything for anybody” because he’s a firefighter and it’s his job to help people.

“He was protecting his 6-year-old and his wife,” Mrs. Holmberg said.

Two were hospitalized after the Halloween night incident, and one 11-year-old boy was left with welts on his head. The boy’s father, who identified as Manny, argued that the teenagers were simply trick-or-treating and that nobody had threatened the Holmberg family. Manny accused Holmberg of performing a hate crime, arguing that Holmberg’s actions were racially motivated.

According to police, Holmberg was witnessed using a golf club to strangle the 11-year-old boy who recently underwent surgery. Prosecutors argued that the 44-year-old captain had been drinking on Halloween night.

Holmberg was charged with three counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and one count of assaulting a child. On Monday, he was placed on paid leave awaiting arraignment.

Sources: DailyMail, My Fox Boston

Photo Source: DailyMail, Fox 25


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