'Border Recon' Volunteers Guard U.S.-Mexico Border (Photos)


A group of men, some veterans and some security officers, banded together to guard the U.S.-Mexico border.

The group, known as the Arizona Border Recon, was documented by photographer Johnny Milano for his In The Hills of Pima project.

The project documented the men as they guarded the border, watched for immigrants, and prevented criminals from entering the country. They use Google Earth to pinpoint potential meeting points for migrants.

Milano spent four days with the group, many of whom are veterans.

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“The driving force for many of these men is a continuation of the oath they took in the military,” Milano said. “The defense of their country and family seems to be first and foremost.”

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The Arizona Border Recon was formed in 2011 by a group of military, law enforcement and private security personnel. 

“Many of the men believe that the general American public are willfully ignorant to the situation on the border,” Milano said.

While the organization isn’t sanctioned by the government, Customs and Border Patrol is aware of their work.

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“There are certain tasks that CBP agents cannot legally perform, like scanning and listening to certain radio traffic,” Milano said. “In this instance, groups like the AZBR can provide intel.”

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Sources: Daily Mail, Wired / Photo credit: dailymail.co.uk


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