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Reporter Goes Undercover With Border Militia Group (Video)

A reporter recently went undercover with a border militia group whom he filmed making racist comments, voicing hopes of shooting people and being offered support by some U.S. Border Patrol agents (video below).

Shane Bauer, a writer for Mother Jones, joined the Three Percent United Patriots, a group from Colorado, as it went about its unauthorized patrols in a southern part of Arizona that borders Mexico.

"A lot of these militias were born basically after Obama got elected," Bauer told Fusion. "As soon as we elected the first black president, membership skyrocketed."

Bauer said he used his real name when he joined the militia via Facebook. The militia could have easily researched his background and discovered that he was a journalist at Mother Jones, but apparently did not.

Bauer filmed armed militiamen dressed in military fatigues as they patrolled night and day with AR-15 assault rifles.

According to Bauer, many of the militiamen were veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. He said their orders were not to shoot anyone, but rather call their homemade base, which would then call the Border Patrol.

However, Bauer recorded some of the militiamen talking about hunting Mexicans and making racist comments about black people:

If I slay me a body today then I'll be f****** happy.

You would think hunting Mexicans somebody would know g******** Spanish.

Actually there's some damn good looking hookers compared to East Aurora. Some big ole fat n****** wandering around trying to ... Come here baby!

Bauer said that Border Patrol agents would come to the militia base every day, often bringing food. In one nighttime instance, the militia and agents pointed guns at each other, not knowing who was who.

When things cooled down, one agent told the militia that he was an intelligence officer and that he would slip them information off the record and advise them where to set up.

Bauer said that he was surprised to see that the Border Patrol was so cooperative with the militia.

Bauer also filmed the militia discovering food and water in the desert and destroying it.

"You guys didn't see me stab those water jugs," one militiaman said.

Destroying food and water was referred to as "deny the enemy" by one militia leader.

In another instance, the armed militia was confronted by some police officers in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Nogales, Arizona, which Bauer filmed and described in Mother Jones:

Two cop cars pull up and three uniformed officers from the Nogales Police Department get out. "What are you guys doing down here exactly?" a cop asks. Her name tag reads "Hernandez" and she has short, spiky black hair.

"We're just being the eyes and ears of the Border Patrol, basically," Jaeger says.

"Somebody probably saw guys with long rifles and camouflage and thought, "Holy crap!'" another officer says.

"Scary-lookin' bunch," Destroyer says as he picks at his teeth in a slightly forced pose of calm.

"Nah, you guys aren't scary," Officer Hernandez says. "I guess people just aren't really used to seeing a group out practicing their right to bear their arms, and they freak out if they do. No worries." She radios in our IDs and then asks how we ended up in Arizona ...

"It takes balls to do what you guys do out there," Hernandez says. "Thank you." She gives us back our IDs. The cops get in their cars and leave.

The Nogales Police Department refused to comment to Fusion.

The Border Patrol said that it "appreciates the efforts of concerned citizens as they act as our eyes and ears," but added that it "does not endorse or support any private group or organization taking matters into their own hands."

Sources: Mother Jones, Fusion/YouTube / Photo Credit: Gerald L. Nino, CBP, U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security/Wikimedia

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