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Border Patrol Agent Fires Taser At Driver, Car Explodes (Video)

Alex Martin was killed in March 2012 after a Border Patrol agent fired a Taser into Martin's car, which suddenly blew up.

Martin's family is now suing the federal government for wrongful death, noted 10 News.

A dashboard cam video (below) of the incident, filmed by a Border Patrol agent's cruiser, was recently released.

Eugene Iredale, the lawyer for the Martin family, told NBC San Diego on Tuesday that Martin had been driving from Texas to Pine Valley, California, when agents driving unmarked cars tried pull to Martin over.

Martin was allegedly driving the wrong way on Interstate 8.

Iredale claims that because it was at night and the agents' cars were not marked, Martin did not stop. After a three-minute chase, Martin's tires were blown out by some pike strips.

The video shows a plainclothes Border Patrol agent smashing the window of the passenger side of Martin's car and firing a Taser into the car. A huge fireball explodes from inside the car.

Iredale claims that the Taser ignited some gas that had spilled inside the car, and the agent should have smelled the odor and not fired the Taser.

Iredale added that none of the agents attempted to save Martin who burned to death, even though the agents' three cruisers all had fire extinguishers.

The federal government is trying to get the lawsuit dismissed by pointing to a previous run-in that Martin had with the law.

Sources: NBC San Diego, 10 News
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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