Border Collie Stays By Owner's Side After She Falls Into Sinkhole

When a woman in Ontario, Canada sunk into a sink hole while taking a walk with her dog, she was stuck inside for 12 hours while her canine companion waited with her for help.

Sandra Van Alstyne, 64, was with her two-year-old border collie Monty on a walk when she took a step straight into a knee-deep sinkhole.

"I just walked right into it, and there was no way my foot was going to budge," she said. "The suction was like cement."

No one could hear her shouts as she was on top of a remote hill, so she settled in for the long-haul. She sat down next to Monty and the two waited it out.

At first, the wait was pleasant, as the sky was blue and the temperature was decent. 

But then it started to snow.

"It was that wet kind of snow, but it only lasted a bit. I was glad when it stopped," she said.

"Monty stayed right with me, he just snuggled up to me," she said. "I petted him and he kept me warm."

By the time Sandra's husband realized she was missing, she was seven hours into her wait. He called police and they started a search.

They soon found her with Monty at 11 p.m., but that was only the first hurdle. The second involved saving her.

"The police were getting stuck themselves trying to get me," she said. "This was a really big hole."

After they rescued her, she was taken to the hospital and was released soon after with no injuries.

Monty also was fine, despite being a little shook up.

"He didn't sleep very well that night, but he finally ate something when I got home. He's so smart, he's really a great dog. I could brag about him for hours," she said.

Sources: Inquisitr,MSN


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