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Border Agents, Kallie Helwig and Gerald Torello Jr., Engage in Oral Sex at Cirque Du Soleil

In Del Mar, California, two border patrol agents are accused of engaging in sexual activity while sitting in the audience of a Cirque Du Soleil show on May 27.

In the audience, several witnesses [including children] saw Kallie Helwig allegedly performing oral sex on Gerald Torello Jr.

One witness only known as 'Jenny,' told, said she told the couple to stop and was later met by them near the exit.

Jenny said: "Next thing I knew, she punches me on my left temple. I didn't feel the other two hits. She hit me on the right side of my jaw and the left side of my jaw."

After Helwig and Torello Jr. were arrested. Helwig was given a misdemeanor citation for battery while Torello Jr. was detained for being drunk in public.

Both agents have been placed on paid leave while Border Patrol investigates, reports CBS2.

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