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Border Agents Arrest Eight Immigrants Convicted Of Sex Offenses

Border patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas, arrested eight men attempting to cross the Mexico-US border Saturday with previous convictions for sex offenses.

Four of the men were from Mexico, two from Honduras and two from El Salvador,according to a press release reported by

“Thanks to the efforts of our Border Patrol agents, these convicted sex offenders no longer pose a threat to local communities,” Acting Chief Patrol Agent Raul Ortiz said in a statement.

It was not clear from the reports whether the individuals had completed their sentences for the sex offenses they were convicted of.

The release mentioned that the offenses included lewd and lascivious acts with a child under the age of 14, indecent assault, first degree sexual abuse and child fondling.

In an unrelated incident, agents detained another four immigrants attempting to cross the border in the back of a Dodge truck.

According to Daily Mail, the two Mexicans and two Hondurans were found behind the seats and hiding in a water butt. The men were referred to the Rio Grande Valley Prosecutor’s Office, and the vehicle and trailer in question were seized.

Border officials were alerted to the presence of the men by a dog unit.

The fate of the male US citizen driving the truck was not reported.

Another seven men were detained the same day at a known stash house, Daily Mail reported. Their immigration status was not clear, with reports describing them as suspected illegal immigrants.

The owner of the property was also taken in to custody by officers on a drugs related charge.

Also Saturday, agents identified a man from El Salvador who had fallen while trying to scale the border fence close to Progreso. After being examined at hospital, doctors discovered that he had a fractured vertebra as a result of his fall.

He is to be removed from the US following his recovery.

Sources:, Daily Mail/ photo credit: Daily Mail


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