Book Helps Christians Battle "Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction"


ENUMCLAW, WA -- Exodus International is a ministry dedicated to helping those struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction. According to a recent article in The Gospel Herald, the organization has doubled in size over the past six years, growing from 117 member agencies in 2003 to 234 by 2009.

"Helping pastors and churches know how to address the topic of homosexuality with biblical truth and compassion is a primary goal for Exodus International. In 2008, the organization held six conferences across the nation that provided practical resources and information to hundreds of pastors." In addition to helping those struggling with same-sex attraction live a life congruent with Christianity, the goal is to help pastors and church members understand the steps of leaving the homosexual lifestyle and pursuing a godly lifestyle.*

This is a sobering reminder that same-sex attraction is a very real struggle that Christians are in no way immune to. Freelance writer and lay counselor Garrett Ellis is one who battled unwanted same-sex attraction. Now married with three children, Ellis recently felt led to share his story. His book, "The Search for Freedom: Finding Freedom from Homosexuality" is more than a testimony of how God changed Ellis's life. He also incorporates Bible study and tips for other men who are struggling with homosexual tendencies.

"I wrote this book so that men struggling with the same sexuality issues that I deal with . . . may know that they are not alone, that they are not unloved by God, and that God can grant them the freedom they desire."

Rather than debating the morality of this issue, Ellis presents biblical truth that helped him find victory, along with benefits of leaving the gay lifestyle. "When we live by God's standards, He blesses and honors our commitment," Ellis says, "I have seen a whole lot of blessings in other areas of my life, simply because I live in disregard to my same-sex attractions."

*"Christian Network Helping Homosexuals Find Freedom Doubles in Size," The Gospel Herald, January 22, 2009, found on


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