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Bond Revoked For Charleston Man In Case Of Dog With Taped Muzzle

The man accused of taping the muzzle of a dog shut in May had his $50,000 bond revoked by a South Carolina court on July 17.

The case concerns Caitlyn the dog, who attracted international sympathy after she was found on someone’s doorstep in late May with her muzzle taped shut. William Dodson, 41, is accused of the crime.

Dodson allegedly told a witness he had taped Caitlyn’s muzzle shut because he was tired of her barking. He added that he chained the dog in the yard but she managed to escape, according to a court affidavit reported by KPTV.

“I think it is clear from the photographs in this case and the evidence this was an extremely violent act,” said Assistant Solicitor Ted Corvey, who displayed pictures to illustrate Caitlyn’s injuries in court.

Caitlyn required surgery after the incident, losing part of her upper lip and the tip of her tongue, according to the Post and Courier.

“She's still healing, the scars are still there and honestly the scars may never go away. It speaks to how horrific this crime is,” said Aldwin Roman, reported KPTV.

Roman noted his support for the bond revocation.

“Him getting out is not just a threat to animals in our community but the citizens in our community,” Roman added.

Meagan Gentry, a public defender, called for the bond to be maintained.

“As of now that's the only evidence in this case, the statements from other people who prior had the dog claiming it was him who did this,” Gentry commented on the evidence against Dodson.

Caitlyn was taken care of by the Charleston Animal Society for a week after undergoing surgery. At the end of June, a foster family took her in and will look after her until the criminal trial is complete.

“She’s a well-adjusted dog, other than a slight fear of men,” said Kay Hyman from the society, according to the Post and Courier.

Hundreds of people from around the world offered to adopt Caitlyn after the incident became public in May.

Dodson could face up to five years in prison if found guilty.

Sources: KPTV, Post and Courier / Photo credit: Charleston Animal Society via KPTV


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