Bomb Squad Takes 3 Hours To Discover Mexican Jumping Beans In Suspicious Package


Authorities in California evacuated homes and blocked off a street for three hours in order to investigate a suspicious package, only to find out it contained nothing but Mexican jumping beans.

A U.S. postal worker in Carlsbad alerted authorities of the package on Saturday, after allegedly hearing a ticking sound from inside the box.

“The bomb squad got the package out of the truck, put it on an open grassy area and used a robot with a water canon to blast open the package,” police Lt. Greg Koran said. “That's when they discovered that the sounds had been coming from jumping beans, which contain a tiny moth larvae that writhes around when its pod gets warm.”

It took three hours for San Diego Sheriff’s Bomb and Arson Unit to determine the contents of the package.

A neighbor reported that the situation was a little humorous, but that it was sad police had to waste their time on a toy.

Sources: The Huffington Post, UT San Diego

Photo Source: Daily Buzz, Flickr


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