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Bolivian Rape/Murder Suspect Buried Alive In Grave Of Victim

A Bolivian man suspected of raping and murdering a 35-year-old woman was tossed into the open grave of his alleged victim and buried alive.

Villagers in Colquechaca tied up Santos Ramos, 17, and threw him into the grave of Leandra Arias Janco during her funeral. Her coffin was then placed on top of him and the grave was filled.

The chief prosecutor in the area said residents blocked roads into the village to stop police from arriving. It has reported that between 100-200 people were involved in the incident.

In isolated, poorer parts of Bolivia where police and other authorities are scarce, it is not uncommon for vigilante justice to take place, BBC News reported.

In 2009, President Evo Morales approved a law extending institutional recognition of "indigenous justice.”

Sources: BBC News, The Huffington Post


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