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Boeing 787 Dreamliner Traces Massive Ad in Sky

Who needs ad time during the Superbowl when you have acrobatic pilots to do the job for you?

A pilot flew his Boeing 787 jet across thousands of miles of American sky in the pattern of the numbers "787" followed by the recognizable Boeing logo. Although the eccentric flight path left no trail discernible from the ground, the pattern is clearly visible on a computer display of the flight path plans.

"Boeing's 19 hour test flight of the 787 Dreamliner was a great opportunity to test the limits of the 787, FlightAware's flight tracking, and the FAA's flight plan system," FlightAware Chief Executive Officer Daniel Baker told Yahoo News. "It was the longest domestic flight we've ever handled and it required three FAA flight plans to accomplish, not to mention dozens of people coordinating the flight overnight."

This wasn't Boeing's only instance of flight path grafiti. A different Boeing Dreamliner pilot pulled off a similar maneuver last August, doodling "747" over several states in the continental U.S.

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