Bodybuilder Injects Himself With Oil, Alcohol to Grow Giant Muscles


Arlindo de Souza is just one of many bodybuilders who injects himself with a concoction consisting of oil and alcohol, an increasingly popular trend in Brazil that gives the appearance of swollen muscles.

Thanks to his little system, de Souza boasts 29-inch biceps. However, he admits the magic elixir can cause dangerous infections.

“My friend Paulinho, he passed away from doing these things,” de Souza said. “I felt his death a lot. He took it, I took it, but he went beyond the limit. I advise no one to take this oil.”

Many are concerned about de Souza’s health, including his sister, Marineide, who said the family is “extremely worried” about him. They hope he will eventually settle down and have a family, leaving behind his bodybuilding dreams.

For what it's worth, de Souza is the talk of the town, according to his sister. Some make fun of his appearance, while others find it interesting. His brother, Adriano Josi Jordco, noted that many of the local women find de Souza attractive.

“The women around here and in other places admire him,” he said. "They think he looks nice."

After two years of using the mix, de Souza has decided to stop and seek medical help. However, doctors have so far have refused to operate because “he did it to himself.”

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Sources: DailyMail, MSN


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