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Wife Put Poison In Bodybuilder Husband's Steroids (Photos)

A Delaware woman has confessed to secretly lacing her husband's steroid injections with antifreeze.

James D. Baker II, 42, was a competitive weightlifter who collapsed in his bedroom on Sep. 16, 2013, and subsequently died, reports the Daily Mail.

His wife, 47-year-old Jamie Baker, initially denied having anything to do with her husband's death, but an autopsy revealed that he had been slowly killed with ethylene glycol.

In a court appearance on Feb. 6, she confessed to poisoning him to death, as reported by Delaware Online.

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The investigation of her husband's death discovered the contaminated steroids at the couple's house. He and a friend had obtained the steroids online, and the friend testified that the bottles had not been tampered with when they arrived in the mail.

In her confession, Jamie Baker explained that she used a hypodermic needle to drain a container of antifreeze and then inject the steroid bottles with it. James Baker then slowly poisoned himself to death by taking repeated injections of the steroid.

As explained by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), if ingested in sufficient amounts, ethylene glycol can be fatal:

It and its toxic byproducts first affect the central nervous system (CNS), then the heart, and finally the kidneys. ... Severe toxicity may result in coma, loss of reflexes, seizures (uncommon), and irritation of the tissues lining the brain. The toxic metabolic by-products of ethylene glycol metabolism cause a build-up of acid in the blood (metabolic acidosis). These toxic substances also affect the cardiopulmonary system and can cause renal failure.

Jamie Baker was initially charged with first-degree murder, but pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of second-degree murder in Superior Court in Dover, Delaware.

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She faces 15 years to life in prison, and her sentencing is set for March 30. A motive for the murder has not been established.

Sources: Daily Mail, Delaware Online, CDC / Photo credit: Lance Goyke/Flickr, Facebook via Daily Mail

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