Bodybuilder "Big Puppy" Arrested for Beating 4-Year-Old Stepdaughter


A Washington state bodybuilder who goes by the name "Big Puppy" is apparently not as soft and cuddly as his nickname might suggest -- he's accused of repeatedly beating his stepdaughter. Sean Madigan is behind bars, charged with second-degree assault of a child and first-degree criminal mistreatment.

According to Madigan's estranged wife, the 6'3'', 230-pound bodybuilder beat up the four-year-old girl on a regular basis. Last November, court papers allege that Madigan picked up the girl and covered her mouth and nose in an effort to stop her from crying. When she didn't, Madigan reportedly dropped her to the ground, where she hit her head and suffered extended bouts of dizziness.

Then, on February 28, Madigan allegedly punished the girl for not reciting the alphabet. The next day, she stayed home instead of going to daycare. She was again instructed by Madigan to recite the alphabet, but again refused, according to police.

About midday, Madigan's wife returned home from work when she received a call from Madigan. The child was vomiting and appeared lethargic and somewhat unresponsive. Madigan's wife urged her husband to take the child to receive medical care -- he refused to take her or allow his wife to do so.

Two days later, they did take the girl to a clinic for treatment for dehydration and vomiting. The doctor noticed a laceration under the girl's tongue and extensive bruising to her back. She referred the Madigans to an emergency room to treat the child's ailments. The doctor's concern for the child grew when the parents refused to seek additional medical attention for their child. She called Child Protective Services and reported what she saw.

The following day, a social worker with CPS demanded that the couple bring their child to Seattle Children's Hospital. An examination showed an injury to the child's bowels and abdomen that was due to a crushing trauma, such as blunt impact, possibly a punch or kick to the abdomen, according to charging documents. Had the injury been left untreated, the bowel would have become necrotic, which could have caused the death of the child.

Finally, Madigan's wife left her husband and went to police to provide a statement about the child's condition. He was quickly arrested.

Madigan remains held on $250,000 bail, awaiting arraignment on March 24th.


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