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Children Find Woman's Body In Suitcase In Chicago Neighborhood

The body of a woman stuffed into a suitcase was discovered by children in Chicago on Dec. 27.

The suitcase was discovered by children in the Roseland neighborhood, CBS News reports. The suitcase was found in an alley in the afternoon. After the kids picked it up, a group of teenagers decided to open it.

“All the kids was playing with it, and they told my nephew to open it, but he didn’t,” Coriana Kizer told CBS News. “He, like, looked, and when he peeked, he saw a leg.”

According to a 13-year-old witness, the woman inside the suitcase was black and wasn't wearing any clothes, WGN-TV notes.

Although police have not yet released information about the case, some witnesses have claimed that the woman was probably in her 20s, according to CBS News. One witness, who requested that he remain anonymous, told the news station the suitcase had been sitting in the alley for at least two days.

“Out here, everybody gets shot,” Kizer said. “We’re used to people getting shot and killed, but somebody in a suitcase?”

An autopsy is expected to be performed on Dec. 28, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office.

Sources: CBS News, WGN-TV / Photo Credit: NBC News, WGN-TV

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