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Body Paint and Pasties Outlawed for Lewisville, Texas Waitresses

Waitresses working at “breastaurants” in Lewisville, Texas are no longer able to wear body paint or pasties, after a patron complaint led the City Council to redefine nudity.

A tourist stopped into Redneck Heaven after a funny sign attracted her to the restaurant. In the parking lot, she realized that the female servers were wearing only pasties or body paint and bikini bottoms.

“We were quite shocked to see these young ladies weren’t dressed,” Catherine Holiday, who reported the violation, said.

While the restaurant’s waitresses normally wear bikini tops, some choose to paint their bodies on ABC days: anything but clothes.

Though the women were technically abiding by decency laws, and owner Steve Kinsella said the girls voluntarily painted their bodies, the City Council decided to redefine the meaning of “opaque covering”.

The new definition disqualifies body paint, dyes, tattoos, liquid latex and other similar substances as acceptable coverage.

A complaint was also filed in 2011 about the servers wearing only pasties, including a concern that the scantily clad women served in an outside pavilion between two family restaurants.

“If any business were to decide to become a licensed Sexually Oriented Business then none of this matters for that particular establishment,” Lewisville Community Relations Manager James Kunke said, “but it applies here because the complaints were about a business that is licensed as a regular restaurant.”

In defense of the body paint, professional body painter Kristal White said the women were merely expressing a form of art. She compared the Redneck Heaven waitresses to Mystique from X-Men, and said the body painting was beautiful.

Sources: The Huffington Post, Fox News


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