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Body of Missing Teen Phylicia Barnes Found; No Media Coverage

The body of a North Carolina teenager who has been missing since December was found Wednesday in Maryland. And now there are accusations of a double standard in the media because the case received very little coverage.

The body of Phylicia Barnes, who was 16 when she disappeared during a visit to her half-sister, was discovered near the Susquehanna River about 35 miles from Baltimore. A second body was also found nearby.

The cause of death is not yet known, pending results of an autopsy.

Media coverage of this story was "relatively sparse," according to a report from ABC News. Compare that to the coverage of missing white girls such as Natalee Holloway, and many people feel there is a racial element to the coverage of such stories. 

"You see other cases that get attention, other kids that go missing and it's immediately up on television and you know, I know there's frustration," said Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

Back in January, a Baltimore Police spokesman commented on the lack of media coverage, saying, "Birds are falling out of the sky in Arkansas and two headed calves, and this girl may lose her life."


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