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Body Of Missing U.K. Teen Found Hidden In Mom's Garden, Cause Of Death Deemed 'Unascertained'

The body of a U.K. teen, who disappeared in 2013, lay hidden in a garden behind his mother’s house for months before it was discovered, an inquest heard Tuesday. 

The decomposed body of 17-year-old Miller Redpath was discovered in dense undergrowth behind the Wenhaston, Suffolk, home of his mother, Anastasia Miller, on Oct. 24, 2013, according to the Daily Mail

Redpath was last seen by his mother Aug. 13 when the two reportedly had a disagreement.

Testifying at the inquest, Suffolk Coroner Peter Dean said he could not determine how the boy had died and there was no evidence of foul play. 

Dean said at the inquest that Miller had described her son as “intelligent, enthusiastic, gregarious, confident and very popular” and wasn’t concerned when he failed to return the night of Aug. 13. She reported him missing three days later when he failed to turn up at his school to collect some test results. 

She told officials that shortly after making that report she made a thorough search of her back garden, which she described as “a jungle full of dense plants, attracting butterflies and bees,” but found no trace of her son.

Police didn’t search the property until Oct. 15 as concern for the boy grew. A search of the house and the garden turned up no evidence of his whereabouts. Police returned nine days later and found the body hidden in the undergrowth. 

The Mirror reports a subsequent autopsy, performed by pathologist Ben Swift, showed no signs of broken bones or injuries. There was also no evidence that Redpath was a regular user of drugs, Dean told the inquest. The cause of death was labeled, “unascertained.”

Police determined that no one was involved in the death and there were no suspicious circumstances. 

Dean said entomology tests on insects found near the site showed the body had been there “for much if not all of the time he had been missing.”

“Although clearly we have evidence that the body had been there some considerable time, there is still uncertainty over the exact circumstances over which Miller came by his death,” Dean added later. 

Miller attended the inquest but declined to comment on her son’s death.

Sources: Daily MailMirror

Photo Credit: Sky News via Suffolk Police, Albanix via Mirror


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