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Body Identified as Rutgers' Sex Tape Victim Tyler Clementi

A body pulled out of the Hudson River off New York City has been positively identified as Tyler Clementi. He's the Rutgers University student who jumped off the George Washington Bridge after finding out his roommate secretly recorded him having sex with a man in Clementi's dorm room, and broadcast it on the Internet.

The body was found Wednesday just north of the bridge. The Medical Examiner's officer confirmed on Thursday that the body was indeed that of Clementi. An autopsy showed he suffered blunt impact injuries to his torso from the jump. The official cause of death is listed as suicide by drowning.

Clementi, 18, leaped to his death on September 22 after finding out a chatroom audience watched his encounter live on the Internet. His roommate and another student are charged with invasion of privacy.

There are indications Clementi reached out to a gay Web site for support after learning of the spying. According to, someone named "cit2mo" wrote five posts on the site, telling a story virtually identical to Clementi's.

The poster said he filled out a room change request and reported his roommate to school officials after his sexual encounter with another man was shown on the Internet.

"I ran to the nearest RA and set this thing in motion," the poster wrote. The complaint was sent to the dorm advisor and two higher-ranking officials, the post said.

"Revenge never ends well for me," the poster wrote, explaining his decision to go through the school rather than handle things himself. "As much as I would love to pour pink paint all over his stuff ... that would just let him win."

There was no mention of suicide in any of the posts. The timeline seems to fit Clementi -- the first post was on September 21, right after he found out about the broadcast. The last one was 15 hours before he jumped off the bridge the following day.

As far as whether cit2mo was indeed Clementi, the owner of writes: does not collect much information when someone creates an account and begins to post, so we cannot confirm cit2mo was Tyler Clementi. However, the IP address for cit2mo does appear to resolve back to Rutgers which reinforces the other evidence that cit2mo and Tyler are the same person.


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