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Body Found In Wall Of Apartment Believed To Be Woman Missing Since 2009


Human remains were discovered in the wall of a Los Angeles apartment this week, and the family of a woman who went missing in 2009 said the body “has to be” hers.

Officers were called to the apartment on Wednesday after the family received a confidential tip about potential human remains in the wall.

“We said bring the dogs, bring … everything we saw on ‘CSI,’” Lisa Campbell, the cousin of missing former tenant Raven Campbell, said. We wanted them to do that. They said, ‘No, we don’t find any reason.’” Scent dogs did accompany officers to the scene and alerted them to the body in the wall when they responded to the call on Wednesday.

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“They haven’t told us that it was positively her, but we — in our heart of hearts — know it’s her,” Lisa Campbell said. Raven Campbell was living in the unit where the body was discovered when she went missing in May of 2009. Campbell was described at the time as having a "diminished mental capacity."

Two weeks before the discovery was made, Campbell’s sister received a phone call from somebody informing her that her sister’s body was in a “downstairs apartment in the wall of the closet behind the stairs.” Authorities received permission on Wednesday to knock down the wall and retrieve the remains.

Campbell lived in the unit with a female roommate, who told police that she’d gone shopping and never came back — though her purse was later found in the apartment. 

Authorities have yet to identify the remains, but did confirm that they were human and said that the person didn’t appear to be recently deceased. An investigation is currently underway.

Sources: KTLA, NBC Los Angeles

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