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Body Found Decomposing Inside Vehicle In Oklahoma Walmart Parking Lot

Police in Oklahoma are investigating a decomposed body that was discovered inside a car at a Walmart parking lot Thursday afternoon.

Tulsa Police were called to the store in the 6600 block of South Memorial after a passerby smelled a foul odor coming from a white SUV and saw the body.

"I walked by the vehicle and smelled something that smelled like a pungent dead dog,” shopper Aaron Hill told Fox 23. “It wasn't a dog. I looked in the vehicle and I saw feet. Next thing you know I look up and see swollen body parts.”

While surveillance video that goes back to mid-March shows the car in the parking lot, police say the body may have been there since February.

Police have been to the scene several times to check on the vehicle but had no knowledge of someone being inside. They ran the license plate, and have not found anything that would make them believe foul play was involved.

According to KJRH, it appears the subject had been living in the vehicle and was laying on an air mattress placed on the back seats. 

The case will remain open until the medical examiner inspects the body. Police say they were not able to determine if the person was male or female due to the heavy decomposition.

Sources: News On 6Fox 23KJRH


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