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Body Camera Captures Police Dog Ravaging Man's Face After He Surrendered To Officers (Video)

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Body camera footage captured the shocking moment when a police dog locked its jaw around a man’s face, just after the man surrendered to police who responded to a call at his home in West Jordan, Utah, in 2013.

Neighbors called the police on Martin Lee Hoogveldt after the man burned a Christmas tree in his backyard, reports Daily Mail. Three police officers arrived at the scene, two with their guns drawn and one — Officer Ian Adams — instructing Hoogveldt to show his hands. Adams was wearing the body cam that caught the disturbing dog attack (video below).

After putting one arm in the air, Adams demanded that Hoogveldt put his other one up as well. He complied, but did not follow orders when Adams told him to stand up, according to reports.

“I did nothing but try to make it easy for them. I thought I would not be a threat sitting down,” Hoogveldt said. He also claimed that didn’t stand up because he would have had to put his hands down to get off of his sofa.

Just seconds after being ordered to stand, the officers’ dog, Pyro, ran over to Hoogveldt, 33, and bit into his face. While tearing into the man, Pyro attempted to pull him off the couch and drag him away. Hoogveldt can be heard in the disturbing video screaming in pain as Adams attempts to get the dog off of him by pulling at its collar.

The incident, which occurred in 2013, prompted Hoogveldt to file a lawsuit against the police force.

“The canine pulled Hoogveldt off the couch by his face, with Hoogveldt screaming in pain,” the lawsuit stated. “Adams came over after a few seconds, and with some difficulty caused the canine to release his grip of the face.” Hoogveldt, who was subsequently arrested, filed a federal civil rights suit against the department and Adams for illegal entry and excessive force.

Watch the disturbing body cam footage below.

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Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube

Photo Credit: Screen Captures


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