Body Cam Video Shows Utah Cop Fatally Shooting Innocent Unarmed Man

A body cam video of Police Officer Bron Cruz fatally shooting Dillon Taylor outside a 7-Eleven convenience store in Salt Lake City, Utah, on August 11, 2014, was recently released.

The graphic video (below) shows Cruz walking up behind Taylor and screaming at him to take his hands out of his pockets, but Taylor, who was listening to music on his headphones and holding his sagging pants up, apparently didn't hear Cruz, reports Daily Kos.

Seconds later, Cruz opens fire on Taylor.

As Taylor lays on the pavement bleeding to death, Cruz orders the 20 year old to give him his hands to be handcuffed.

Cruz radios in the shooting, but does not appear to render any aid to the dying young man for several minutes. Another officer approaches, but doesn't render medical aid.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported in October 2014 that Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill declined to press charges against Cruz and stated, "Nothing that Mr. Taylor did assisted in de-escalating the situation. If anything, it escalated things."

However, Taylor did not make any aggressive gestures on the video while Cruz grew irate.

Taylor and two other people reportedly matched the descriptions of three men who allegedly flashed a gun, which was reported by an unidentified 911 caller. No gun was found on Taylor.

Gill went on to justify the shooting based on Cruz's false belief that Taylor was armed:

Officer Cruz's belief that Dillon Taylor was armed with a gun and intended to use it against the officers was reinforced by Dillon's actions and the acts of others. By the time Dillon drew his hands from his waistband, Officer Cruz's belief that Dillon was presenting a weapon [and ... would use the weapon against officers] was reasonable.

(Note: There is no audio on the video until the :30 mark, seconds before the shooting)


Sources: Daily Kos, The Salt Lake Tribune
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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