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Body of California Man Wanted for the Murder of His Wife and Daughters Found

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The body of Shane Miller, the ex-convict who went missing last year after his wife and daughters were found murdered in their home, has finally been found.

The search for Shane Miller began on May 7, 2013, when his wife, Sandy Miller, 34, as well as his two daughters, aged 5 and 8, were all found shot to death in their Shingletown, Calif. home.

While there was no motive identified for the killings, authorities did confirm that there had been at least one domestic dispute call in the weeks preceding the multiple homicide. It is also known that Miller was an ex-felon who owned at least one gun.

Immediately after the bodies were found, officials searched the forests of northern California for Miller, but to no avail. After his truck was found in Petrolia, Calif., 200 miles west of his Shingletown home, local authorities launched a more focused manhunt.

According to Fox, Petrolia "is in a remote, undeveloped area of redwoods and towering mountains referred to as the 'Lost Coast.'" Miller was an experienced woodsman, and it is thought that he knew the area well, as he grew up in the region.

Authorities suspected Miller was heavily armed, so dogs and air patrols were utilized in the search to find him. Authorities even went door-to-door in the neighborhood nearest to where his truck was found to search for leads, but no one had seen the fugitive.

At one point, The U.S. Marshal's Service added Shane Miller to their 15 Most Wanted list, offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. This did not result in any useful leads, however.

Now, over one year later, Shasta County sheriff's Detective Dave Eoff has confirmed the dental records on file for Miller prove that the body found on the riverbank in Petrolia, Calif. is indeed his. 


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