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Bodies Of Two Babies Found Above Ceiling Tiles In Funeral Home (Video)

The bodies of two babies were reportedly found in the ceiling of a Gary, Indiana, funeral home after potentially being placed there years ago.

According to reports, workers at Smith, Bizzell & Warner Funeral Home discovered the two babies above the ceiling tiles on Wednesday and called police. The babies, one a newborn and the other apparently stillborn, were in the ceiling and had reportedly been placed there years ago.

Disturbing reports say that the stillborn baby seems to have been born in March 1996, so the body was likely up there for nearly 20 years. Investigators described that body as “mummified.” The second baby was reportedly a few months old and carried a hospital identification band indicating that is was born in March 2012, according to WGNTV.

Police say they don’t believe foul play was involved in either death, but there could be criminal charges relating to the manner in which the bodies were handled.

“If there's a crime, it would probably be related to improper disposal of the bodies,” Cmdr. Del Stout told the Chicago Tribune.

Sandi Cogan, a spokeswoman for the funeral home’s parent company Concord Family Services, claimed that the babies were “stored in the morgue” and that the coroner was called there in an effort to find a “final resting place” for them. Police, however, say it’s clear that the babies were found in a box above the ceiling tiles.

An investigation into the bizarre and disturbing find is still ongoing.

Sources: WGNTV, The Chicago Tribune / Photo Sources: Wikimedia Commons, Flickr


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