Bodies Rain Down After Malaysia Airlines Plane Blown Out Of The Sky


Witnesses in the Ukrainian village of Rozsypne say they heard a loud explosion that made buildings rattle and then it began raining bodies.

Irina Tipunova, 65, said that a corpse fell through the roof of her home after Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was blown out of the sky by a surface-to-air missile on Thursday.

"There was a howling noise and everything started to rattle. Then objects started falling out of the sky," Tipunova told Reuters. "And then I heard a roar and she landed in the kitchen, the roof was broken.”

The body of a naked woman was lying on the floor of her home.

"The body's still here because they told me to wait for experts to come and get it,” she explained.

About 330 feet away dozens more bodies lay in the wheat fields. A total of 298 people died in the explosion.

"I opened the door and I saw people falling. One fell in my vegetable patch," said another local who refused to give her name.

Chunks of metal and pieces of luggage litter the ground about 25 miles from the Russian border. Debris, bodies and body parts lay scattered for miles around their homes.

Rescue workers claim that the majority of corpses were largely intact. The places where they fell are marked with white clothes attached to sticks.

Shoes, boxes of tablets from a medical cabinet, empty suitcases and clothing were still strewn about the fields 24 hours after the crash.

According to Reuters, rebel fighters watched nervously as emergency workers arrived in full force on Friday and set up two large tents.

Sources: Reuters, AOL

Image screenshot: CNN


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