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Troubling Spray-Painted Notes Accompany Murder-Suicide

The neighbor who found the bodies of a pastor and his daughter in Hebron, Maine, also discovered disturbing messages spray-painted inside the home.

Daniel Randall, 56, shot and killed his 27-year-old daughter, Claire Randall, on Dec. 8 and then turned the shotgun on himself in a murder-suicide, the Portland Press Herald reports. His body was found face down on the front porch by neighbor Carroll Daggett.

Daggett had been asked by Daniel’s wife, Anita, to go to the home and check on Claire because she was not answering her cellphone. Anita had filed for divorce from Daniel earlier in the week.

When Daggett saw Daniel’s body and the accompanying blood splatters, he initially thought they were Halloween decorations, until he entered the kitchen.

“Vow Breaker,” was spray-painted on the kitchen counter.

Daggett phoned the state police and then Anita, whom he told to come home.

“I told her, ‘Claire is not answering, and if you could come home, I suggest you come home,’” Daggett said.

Police found Claire's body in the bathroom. She had been shot several times.

At 10  a.m. on the day of the murder, Daniel had completed a 90-day program for alcohol treatment. He purchased a shotgun after leaving Liberty Bay Recovery Center, went to the family’s home and broke in through the garage door because he did not have a key. He murdered Claire around 2 p.m. and then spray-painted messages around the house before taking his own life.

“Anita it’s all your fault,” was spray-painted on a wall, according to WLNE.

Claire was one of Daniel’s two daughters from his first marriage to a woman named Greta. She and her unborn child died after falling at a state park in 1993.

Daniel, Anita, Claire and the couple’s son, Gabe, moved to Hebron in the summer after living in Rhode Island for at least 12 years. Daniel was a pastor at the First Congregational Church in Bristol. He had previously been a chaplain in the Air Force.

People who knew the family said they moved to Maine to be closer to Anita’s relatives and so Gabe could attend Hebron Academy, a private school in the area.

The investigation into the murder-suicide is ongoing.

Sources: Portland Press HeraldWLNE / Photo credit: WGME via CBS News

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