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Boaz Johnson Admits To Murdering Pregnant Girlfriend In Suicide Note

A 22-year-old man suspected of murdering his pregnant girlfriend was found dead earlier this month hanging from a tree in Kalapana, Hawaii.

In his three-page suicide note, Boaz Johnson, of Petersburg, Alaska, reportedly admits to killing his girlfriend Brittany-Jane Royal, 25, and dumping her body in the ocean last May.

Police revealed they found a composition book near Johnson’s body during a press conference Tuesday.

The note inside said Johnson murdered Royal during an argument.

“The writer ID'd himself as Boaz Johnson. He confessed to strangling Brittany while involved in a domestic dispute,” said Hawaii Police Department Assistant Chief Henry Tavares.

Johnson actually hung himself just days after Royal’s murder, but his body wasn’t found because he was hanging in a remote area surrounded by lava fields. His body was found just two miles from where Royal was killed.

Tavares said Johnson killed himself with the same type of rope used to kill Royal.

“When we think back on when we raise our children, we don't ever think we'll see the day your granddaughter precedes you in leaving this world. But we have learned to endure that thought and she still is with us in thought,” her grandfather, Jerry Spahn, told the Hilo conference.

Royal, originally from California, was 10 weeks pregnant when she died.

“Brittany's life was about peace, love - we can all learn from her,” said her mother, Julie Royal. “She was searching for the perfect place to call home and to raise a child. She is now in that ultimate paradise. She is playing her guitar, singing sweet songs of meoldies, pure and true.”

Sources: Daily Mail, TIME


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