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BMW Brilliance Shows Prototype PHEV Sedan for Chinese Market

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In brief: BMW's joint venture partner Brilliance China Automotive has presented a concept plug-in hybrid sedan based on the BMW 5 Series Sedan (long wheelbase).

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Brilliance PHEV
Manufacturer: BMW / Brilliance Auto

The word

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The plug-in was developed for the Chinese market and will be largely manufactured there in Shenyang. Series production is expected to begin in 2013 for 2013-14 sales.

The vehicle uses a BMW 5-Series Sedan on the long wheelbase with an engine and transmission. Brilliance, drawing on knowledge of electro-mobility, then collaborated on the design of the plug-in components and controls to be added. The result is a PHEV capable of driving all electric for 47 miles at up to 37mph and with a range of a total of 296 miles when the gasoline engine is used.

The car will be marketed to the premium segment in Chinese auto buyers and has been tuned towards those consumers as a result.

And so ...

BMW has been working closely with several groups in China to test and design new electrified vehicles for the Chinese market.

Photo credits: BMW


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