Bloomberg-Backed MAIG Pulls Out All the Stops with National Day to Demand Action

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The Michael Bloomberg-backed Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) is in a flurry of activity as they push harder than ever for stronger gun control legislation.

Today marks MAIG’s National Day to Demand Action, which urges voters to “Join more than 900 mayors and over 1.4 million grassroots supporters to demand that Congress take action to end gun violence.” It’s no coincidence that the event falls on the same day that President Barack Obama meets with crime victims and gun control proponents in the White House, and as new gun control legislation looms on the horizon. Also, the campaign allows gun control advocates to target members of Congress who will likely be visiting their home districts during the Easter/Passover recess.

The event features “more than 100” rallies, petition drives, and press conferences all across the country. MAIG acts with the support of groups like Organizing for Action and Americans for Responsible Solutions. This national event complements Bloomberg’s $12 million advertising campaign that targets voters and politicians in critical swing states. As if that wasn’t already scary enough for gun rights advocates, the United Nations is also preparing to discuss the Arms Trade Treaty.

MAIG has already released several videos stressing the importance of background checks as a component of responsible gun ownership, but today they’re featuring what may be their strongest video to date. A new video entitled “Newtown” portrays family members who lost loved on in the Sandy Hook massacre tearfully requesting that voters take action against gun violence. Terri Rousseau, whose daughter, Lauren, was one of the school administrators gunned down during the shooting, beseeched viewers, “Don’t let the memory of Newtown fade without doing something real.”

Bloomberg and the MAIG might simply be preaching to the choir. The organization recently polled 41 key Congressional districts and found that approximately 89% of voters are in favor of requiring universal background checks. Even voters on the other side of the political fence tend to agree – a poll by a Republican pollster found that 74% of NRA members support background checks for gun sales.

Based on these numbers and the budget behind the gun control push, Bloomberg and MAIG may very well reach their goal of stricter gun laws.

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