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Bloomberg More Concerned About Banning Guns than Fighting Terror

By Larry Pratt

When a New York City mayor does something goofy, a normal reaction is: “there they go again.” When another mayor does the same thing years later, an additional thought comes to mind. Namely, “what do they put in the water there?”

In the early 90s when Mayor David Dinkins was in office, a Utah tourist was murdered by a knife-wielding assailant. The next day, Mayor Dinkins held a news conference saying that the previous day’s violence meant that additional gun control was needed in New York.

Fast forward to the wannabe car bomber who through no thanks to the authorities failed to carry out his murderous mission. The following week, Mayor Michael Bloomberg went to Washington to testify for a horrendous bill sponsored by that enemy of freedom, NJ’s Sen. Frank Lautenberg. The bill? A gun control bill.

Speaking at the hearing, Bloomberg said: “It is imperative that Congress close this terror gap in our gun laws -- and close it quickly. The car bomb the NYPD found in Times Square on Saturday
night was not the only attempted terrorist attack on our city since 9/11 -- far from it. And sadly, it won’t be the last.”

Hmm, so let’s have some more gun control because there was a car bomb in New York City. Talk about a non sequitur.

But wait, it does not seem to be just New York mayors who are loony. Congressional Democrats had the same reaction to the bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building. Maybe we need to understand that for the citizen disarmament supporters, any excuse is a good excuse to
grab the sovereign people’s guns.

In Bloomberg’s case, he was after a lot more than disarmament. The bill he supports also aims at one of the most important bulwarks of liberty, namely, due process. Lautenberg wants to enable the faceless maintainers of the Terrorist Watch List to use the list to deny gun sales to anyone they choose.

No one ever gets to face their accuser when it comes to the Terrorist Watch List. Nameless trolls in law enforcement agencies can add any name they want. Otherwise, how else to explain the addition of the late Sen. Edward Kennedy to the list? There is no way to get off the list (unless, like Sen. Kennedy, you can call the head of the Homeland Insecurity Agency).

Seeing how ruthless the Chicago-style political thuggery of the Obama administration is, it is not hard to imagine that all their political enemies would end up on the Watch List. In September, 2008, Secretary Janet Napolitano announced that she had zeroed in on the terrorist threat in the U.S. by releasing a publication entitled: Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment. The resurgence threat, of course, comes from returning veterans, pro-lifers, Second Amendment advocates and constitutionalists in general, the report explained. Police were to approach such people with extra precautions.

Not once has the Obama gang issued an analysis of the 1400 years of Islamic terror and conquest and its contemporary threat posed by jihadi thugs. Mayor Bloomberg’s speculation about who the wannabe car bomber might be before he was apprehended and confessed suggested that we would probably find that he was a 40-year old loner white guy who did not like ObamaCare. Oops, Faisal Shahzad is a 30-something naturalized Pakistani Muslim extremist. And, double oops, he made
over a dozen trips to be trained by the Pakistani Taliban who have praised his attempt.

While the Beltway Sniper murders were taking place, you may recall that police were looking for a 40-something white guy and a loner. How disappointing for the politically correct that it was a couple of black guys who had trained at a Muslim jihad camp in southwestern Virginia.

The domestic gun control advocate has always had a love for appeasement at home and abroad. No guns for self-defense, and no resistance to jihadi murderers. As Governor of Arizona, Janet
Napolitano declared that there was no border problem in her state. Where does she think the real problem lies? Well, it’s those angry Tea Party types, of course!

A related item suggests that Secretary Napolitano has imposed an affirmative action program for the entire Department of Homeland Insecurity. Namely, all key personnel must be as vision challenged (we used to say blind) as is the Secretary. Faisal Shahzad was on the terrorist watch list while he was being naturalized. I bet if they found a membership card for Gun Owners of America he would not have been naturalized.

Let’s say it. Sen. Lautenberg and Mayor Bloomberg and the like are far more interested in depriving citizens of the means of self-defense than they are in effective counter-terrorism measures.


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