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Mayor Michael Bloomberg Talks Gun Control on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg visited the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night, but the light-hearted interview -- which began with Fallon praising Bloomberg for his performance with the Rockettes on New Year’s Eve -- turned serious when Fallon brought up the issue of gun control.

After Fallon and Bloomberg discussed the big New York events from the past year—including Bloomberg dancing with the Rockettes, the New York smart phone 311 app for citizens to report infractions or road problems to law enforcement, and Hurricane Sandy—Fallon brought up the tragedy of Sandy Hook Elementary.

In response, Bloomberg fervently explained his support of greater gun control.

“There are just too many guns in the world, and certainly in this country, and we just got to do something about it,” Bloomberg said. “There’s 33 people killed in America with guns every single day of the year. And nobody seems to care. It only catches the press’ attention when its young kids concentrated, and it was terribly tragic, but there are kids killed everyday across this country.”

Bloomberg further explained that though the constitution allows citizens to right to own guns, the law also strips that right from criminals, people with known substance abuse or psychiatric problems, and from minors. Congress, Bloomberg explained, doesn’t vote to appropriate money to enforcing the loopholes where background checks aren’t required, such as gun shows and internet sales, which make up 40 percent of gun sales.

“There’s certainly a whole bunch of people who should not get guns. We could stop it. We just don’t seem to have the courage to do it.”


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