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Bloody Pillow Found in Dead Baby's Crib, Nanny May be Charged with Murder

Police found a bloody pillow, blanket and baby wipes in the room of a 1-year-old girl who died after allegedly being assaulted by her Irish nanny. 

Baby Rehma Sabir of Cambridge, Mass. was admitted to the hospital for head injuries on January 14, her first birthday. She died two days later from her injuries. 

Nanny Aisling McCarthy Brady, who is in jail for an assault charge, may be charged with murder.

Parents Nada Siddiqui and Sameer Sabir had trusted Brady as their nanny for the last six months. They had not experienced problems before. On the day of the incident, Brady was also caring for another baby as the parents participated in a nanny share. This baby was not injured.

Documents indicate that a concerned neighbor heard baby Rehma's cries from next door. She became worried and knocked on their door for 90 seconds, making sure to knock between Rehma's cries so someone would hear her. 

No one answered the door. Soon Rehma's cries turned into extreme crying for 10 minutes, until the baby slowly started to become quiet. 

Authorities were called when Rehma's mother returned home from work. Dr. Alice Newton diagnosed Rehma with abusive head trauma. 

"Abusive head trauma includes injuries caused by violent shaking as well as impact to the head either by directly striking the head or causing the head to strike another object or surface," documents said. 

When Brady was interviewed, she said Rehma was "her usual self" that morning, but after lunch, she suddenly "slouched" in her chair with her eyes half-open. Brady said she thought the baby was tired so she put her in her crib. Once she returned three hours later, she found Rehma "clenching her fists and her arms and legs were stiff."

The nanny got a wet cloth to place on the baby's head. During that time, Rehma's mother returned home and called 911. 

According to immigration officials, Brady was in the country illegally. She was supposed to return to Ireland after 90 days in 2002 as she was under a tourist program.

This isn't the first time Brady has been involved in a violent incident. She was previously charge with assault and had two restraining orders against her. 

A woman in Dorchester placed a restraining order against Brady after she harassed her on a parenting website. The woman said she saw Brady abusing children on a playground. 

Eight years ago a restraining order was placed on her by her ex-boyfriend after she assaulted him in a bar. 

Brady and her roommate were charged with assault in 2007 after they bit each other in an argument, but the charges were later dropped. 

A neighbor of Brady's, Thomas Collins, said she is an aggressive and easily-angered woman. They have had several arguments over things like yard usage and off-street parking space.

"She would literally get right in my face. She weighs probably about 95 pounds at the most, and she would get right in my face, pointing in my face and swearing," he said. "She would just go off the hinges, just ballistic, at a moment's notice."



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