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'Bloodied' Protesters Strip to End Bullfighting in Mexico City (Video)

On Sunday animal-rights activists in Mexico City stripped down to their underwear and covered themselves with red paint to symbolize the blood of bulls in the cruel “sport” of bullfighting. The protesters then lay down in the capital’s Republic Plaza, imitating the death of the animals.

New animal-cruelty law recently passed in Mexico City gives them reason to believe that a ban on the traditional pastime of bullfighting will soon be a reality.

Israel Arriola of Animal Naturalis told the BBC that 70 percent of the residents of Mexico City now oppose this violent “blood sport” where the bull suffers excessively as it fights the matador to its death.

Also the recent poll showed that 80 percent of responders believe that bullfighting reflects negative values in society; such as, danger, violence and mistreatment of animals, Arriola said. Mexico is one of only eight countries where bullfighting is still legal..

Under Mexico City’s new anti-cruelty law, which went into effect in January, anyone who intentionally hurts animals in a way that leads to their death can be jailed up to four years and pay fines of as much as around $3,000. If the cruelty to the animal does not result in death, the maximum sentence is two years and a maximum fine of $750.

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For months, the Mexico City anti-bullfighting lobby has been intensifying its efforts to have bullfighting outlawed in the city. With the revised animal-protection law and the new administration of Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera, they are confident that their proposal will soon become law.




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