Bloodied Protester Filmed Being Escorted From St. Louis Donald Trump Rally (Video)

A beaten and bloodied protester was filmed being escorted out of a St. Louis Donald Trump rally after the event was shut down for approximately 10 minutes due to the large turnout of protestors.

The protester, who identified himself as Anthony Cage, was captured on film being escorted from the rally with blood on his face and clothing, and cotton balls stuffed in his nose to stop the bleeding.

Photos of Cage facedown in the street, handcuffed, with blood covering his face and blood splatters surrounding him on the ground also surfaced after the rally.

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Trouble began at the rally early on March 11. Large groups of Trump supporters and protesters began to form outside the Peabody Opera House, where the rally was held, at around 8 a.m., reported Daily Mail.

When the doors opened for the event, a large number of protesters had snuck in and pulled off their jackets to reveal anti-Trump slogans on T-shirts and banners.

According to the Riverfront Times, the rally was shut down for roughly 10 minutes as protesters and Trump supporters argued. Trump reportedly began calling for police intervention as the tension increased. 

“Where are the police?” Trump asked. “Get ‘em out. Get ‘em out.”

The Riverfront Times reported that protesters coordinated a drop of two banners from the Opera House balcony. One banner read “Caution, racism lives here,” and the other said, “Stop the hate.”

As protesters were removed from the rally, Trump was heard saying, “Nobody’s being hurt, press, nobody’s being hurt,” though photos and videos from the scene suggest otherwise.

Sources: Daily MailRiverfront TimesYouTube (2)/ Photo credit: Daily Mail

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